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Salt Bae Golden Tomahawk – How Much Is The Gold Worth?

Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et has become a very famous steakhouse serving a variety of iconic dishes, including gold covered steaks that seem to be very popular with celebrities like Gemma Collins and David Beckham.

A Salt Bae Golden Tomahawk costs roughly £1495 each, which is very expensive for a steak, even if it is covered in edible gold.

This might make you think the gold must be extremely valuable, but it will probably surprise you to know that the cost of the gold on a Salt Bae tomahawk steak will be around £15 to £25.

This is because the gold used in food preparation, while 24ct pure gold, is gold leaf which is exceptionally thinly rolled and has very little weight, and therefore value.


What Is The Cost For A Salt Bae Tomahawk Steak?

A Salt Bae Gold Tomahawk costs around £1495, the breakdown of the actual costs are:

  • The steak (an on the bone Wagyu rib eye steak) c.£125-£175.
  • Gold leaf c.£20-£30.

A typical on the bone beef rib eye would cost c.£25 to £35, but wagyu can cost a lot more, from £125+.

It’s probable that a restaurant buying large quantities of wagyu will get a much better price, so probably the cost of producing a Golden Tomahawk will be between £130 – £170 in total.

Of course there are all of the staff overheads, rent, and other business costs, but even so a £1450+ price represents a very hefty mark up.

How Much Gold Is Used By Salt Bae?

It’s difficult to estimate exactly how much gold will be used on each tomahawk, but edible gold leaf can be bought for much lower prices than the example shown above.

The cost could be as low as £10 per steak, we think we’re probably pretty close at £20, especially when you consider economies of scale.

How Do Salt Bae Coat Their Steak In Gold?

The way that gold leaf is applied to a steak is to cook the meat first, allow it to rest, and then apply the gold leaf.

Gold leaf is very difficult to handle and tears easily, it also can fold on itself and is practically impossible to unfold, so if you decide to try making your own gold steak take time and care in handling the gold.

Is Edible Gold A Special Type Of Gold?

Edible gold is simply pure 24ct gold that is exceptionally thin and has very little weight.

Because pure gold is inert it is not a problem to eat it (teeth for example can be gold or filled with gold), it has no nutritional value, does not taste of anything, and cannot be digested by your body.

Is A Salt Bae Golden Tomahawk Worth It?

Whether £1450+ for a steak covered in gold is worth the money is down to personal choice.

Strictly in terms of costs of produce most people would probably not be prepared to spend such an extravagant amount of money on one meal that could be produced for a fraction of the cost, and may see it as ostentatious.

However, the entire golden tomahawk experience is pure theatre, with the trade-mark salt sprinkling, chopping of the meat and serving into the mouth of the diner.

Plus of course the possible opportunity to meet the man himself.

If you can afford the price and want the experience then it’s going to be something that you will remember for a very long time.

Especially when you get your bank statement.

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