Advice on Selling and Buying Scrap Gold

Scrap Gold Dealers in the UK

Firstly it is important to say that do not endorse any of the following companies, nor are we affiliated to them, we have merely put together a short list of companies that buy gold who we would feel comfortable recommending to anyone looking to sell their scrap gold.

As always you must look after your own interests first, so if you feel uncomfortable with any dealer that you speak to, you think that the offer sounds just that little bit too good, or anything else makes you suspicious, then you should stop & reconcile any concerns that you have before entering into any transaction.

If necessary go to a different dealer and work with someone that you feel happy with. cannot accept any responsibility for losses or other problems arising from transactions between yourself & any scrap gold dealer.

A list of UK Jewellers & Dealers who buy Old & Scrap Gold

We’ll add our recommended scrap gold dealers here soon, please check back to see our recommendations.


Other Useful Gold & Silver Websites

We’ll add more useful sites here soon, please check back to see our recommendations.